Point of View

As an aspirational partner specializing in the burgeoning dedicated gluten-free contract manufacturer market, we believe any ongoing success is predicated on a sound point of view.  It is what separates us from the rest. Our point of view has four perspectives: 


Your Market 


Your Separation From The Rest


Yours: So many of our competitors invest the smallest percentage of time on this most important of perspectives. We understand why. It’s the least common view.  It’s the greatest unknown, thus the scariest. It’s why we spend the most time on it.  It is the only way to ensure optimal output on your behalf. And it’s why multi-billion dollar companies as well as start-ups reward us with their business.  

Your market: This is challenging. It requires your partner to place you within the framework of where you compete and how they can operationally support you. We’ll respectfully challenge that competitive battlefield with you, because we grew up taking friendly and non-friendly fire in that same market space, and at the end of the day, when you and we join arms, you can count on us to salute you and successfully help you achieve your market objectives.  

Ours: Perhaps the easiest to share. We are a company led by former military and military support veteran leaders, women and minorities alike, whose objective is to stop nothing short of achieving your vision of mission accomplished. Singular focus.  We believe in keeping things simple. We believe in striving for wholesomely clear and clean goals and objectives. Our value proposition to any of our clients is predicated on being the most economical value-add provider. If we take your business on, we believe in YOU.  

Your Separation From The Rest: We believe we are the PT boat in a sea of battleships and aircraft carriers. No doubt they have firepower, but we are built to run circles around them. A desire to tap: Nimbleness, Wave Riding? Jump on Our Board.  We work with growing brands as well as some of the largest food manufacturers in the US.  “Been there…Done that”. We have experience carving niches in the grocery, deli, dairy and bakery space as well as creating value-add for demanding mail order, fund raising and food service providers; so we understand what it takes for you to be successful.  We take as much care in making your products as if our name was on the label.  We do this because we understand our success depends on the success of your products. You grow, and we invest in the belief that we grow with you.  Our services range from processing your product and shipping in bulk containers to providing turnkey products, or anything in between.  We are capable of handling any size production run starting with daily volumes as low as 2,000 lbs.     

Our Approach