Our Approach

 To understand our approach, it’s key to appreciate the context.

Take, for example, the children's book The Little Engine that Could, the story of a small red colored engine that is called on to pull a heavy train over a mountain. This engine doubts its capability to make IT happen, but convinces itself to it by saying: "I think I can, I think I can." The meaning may well be "I think I can" to help this engine overcome self-doubt and take on increasingly challenging tasks. So what you say? Two things to consider: First, it shows that your actions can have effects that are staying. Second, it proves that actions can create results that are everlasting.   

Here’s another case in point:  There’s a village in Massachusetts named Franklin. The name was to honor Benjamin Franklin, who later thanked them by giving them the money to build a library. Horace Mann grew up in Franklin, and he frequented that library during his K-12 formative years. Did you know that Mann became the first great advocate of public education in the United States? No?  We didn’t either, but do credit the public library system with our thirst for knowledge, and we believe that our widespread public education has been a primary driver of American prosperity for over a hundred years. If we learn something and never apply it, then in practice it is no different from never having learned it.  It exists in all of us, in what we do with it, and in how we use it to do something important, because the best impact of any knowhow is how it excites us to make a difference. 

And herein is our credentialed different approach to everything we seek to accomplish on your behalf.   

  • 3rd party certified gluten free ingredients 
  • 3rd party certified gluten free practices and facility 
  • 3rd party nut allergen audited 
  • 3rd party FSMA GMP audited 
  • FDA inspected and registered anti-BIO terrorist facility and practices 
  • OU Kosher audited and registered facility, practices and ingredients  

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