Production assistant Position

Job Description & Requirements for Production Assistant

 Food handler with high energy, positive attitude and superior work ethic. In addition to performing a variety of manufacturing tasks, you must be willing to meet our expectations regarding food safety, quality, productivity, and reliability. Responsible for following our Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMPs) outlined in our Food Safety Plan and Safe Quality Food (SQF) program and be able to communicate your knowledge to our auditors when asked. 

Be able to work in a fast-paced environment under manufacturing conditions which include: exposure to noise, very warm temperatures, dust and aromas from ingredients, allergens, and working with machines in motion (conveyors). While on-the-job training is given, previous work experience with food is advantageous.

Beginning Duties: work with the depositor (conveyor), fill packages, inspect product packages for seal and production code, build boxes and pack product into boxes.

Advanced duties: operate band sealer, operate metal detector, weigh packages, work with pallets, Pre-Op & Post-Op setup, test product quality, clean & sanitize, measure & mix ingredients, bake product, set up- break down-clean equipment, receive and store ingredients, and ship product. 


Must be able to adapt to frequent changes that occur on the production line.

Must have good personal hygiene.

Must wear company provided cook shirt, apron, and food safety apparel (hairnet, beard snood, gloves).

Must wear clean, plain, undecorated clothing: T-shirt or similar, no buttons, short sleeved or able to maintain sleeve rolled up to elbow, long pants (no tears), and closed toe shoes (athletic).

Must be able to remove all jewelry (visible or not) 

Must follow hygiene requirements including:

● No fake/acrylic, long, or polished fingernails (clean, trimmed fingernails)

● No false eyelashes or eyelash extensions

● No cell phones on the production floor

● No food, gum, chew, etc. allowed on processing floor

● No heavy makeup, perfume, cologne, heavily scented deodorants or lotions, shower before coming to work

● Shall not enter facility with any contagious illness or related symptoms and be free from illness/symptoms for at least 24 hours before returning to work

● Shall allow for evaluation of cuts/sores/boils/open wounds on hands, arms, or face.

Must be able to stand for entire shift.

Must be able to perform continuous repetitive motions.

Must have basic math skills in weights, temperatures, times and numbers.

Must be able to write legibly and record data on forms correctly.

Must not bring any food into the facility containing peanuts, nuts, soy, or gluten (wheat, barley and rye) -includes peanut butter and most granola bars, breads, pasta, & crackers.

To Apply

The majority of our positions are offered August - March. If you are interested in full or part time positions, please submit your resume or application directly to: office@montanacookiecompany.com

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